Travel around the globe

Benefit from our personal experience and expert knowledge. Whether individual or guided, by rental car or motorhome, cruises or expeditions, safaris, beach holidays, honeymoons or even in a private jet. Wherever your journey takes you, we will work out tailor-made travel proposals for you with great passion. We have the products of all travel providers, airlines and shipping companies at our disposal.

Beach vacations worldwide

White beaches, crystal clear water, a light breeze, palm trees and a cool drink. Are you looking for relaxation? We know the insider tips for carefree and relaxing holidays around the globe on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with family or friends - we'll find the perfect destination for your needs.

Cruises worldwide

Travel the world without having to pack a single suitcase on the way, dock where not everyone goes, indulge yourself with culinary delights and enjoy a wide variety of offers on board. With us you will find a large selection of offers in all categories. From luxury shipping companies, expedition ships, sailers and yachts to large family ships - we will advise you individually and find the right route and ship for you.

Travel by private jet

Would you like to embark on an exclusive, unique and diverse journey in a short time? In cooperation with various partners, we offer travel by private jet. A small group or private experience, unique destination combinations, hand-picked accommodations and lodges, unique excursions, excellent cuisine and personal tour guides are just some of the benefits of travelling by private jet. Interested? Contact us, we will be happy to inform you about the recently planned journeys by private jet.

Individual travel

We are the right partner for planning and designing a trip to suit your mood. With a rental car through California, a motorhome across Australia, island hopping in Hawaii or with a private tour guide through Asia - we work with all renowned travel companies and put together your individual tailor-made trip.


Endless expanses, tranquillity, culinary highlights and unforgettable animal experiences in the middle of the wilderness - a safari is and always will be a unique travel option. Combined with a few relaxing days on the beach, the experience could not be greater. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of animals and let your soul dangle in nature. We know not only the most excellent lodges but also the best travel combinations for an unforgettable holiday adventure.