Moritz Balmer

Travel Expert

"Travelling opens your eyes, broadens your horizons and fills your heart with stories. - Unknown"

Travelling creates experiences and wonderful memories, you get to know foreign cultures and interesting people and learn to see and appreciate the world from a completely new perspective.

I discovered my enthusiasm for travelling after completing my apprenticeship. I travelled across Latin America for 8 months with my backpack. Since then, I have travelled to over 50 countries on 3 continents. In my opinion, the beauty of travelling is that there is always something new to discover on our wonderful planet: Be it on a boat trip on the Amazon, at the Mayan ruins in Palenque, in vibrant cities like Budapest or on the dunes of the Sahara. There are no limits to your dreams.

What fascinates me most about travelling is the untouched nature, the people and historically significant places - every journey brings its own story with it. A well-known saying goes: "Travelling is the only way to spend money and become richer."
And I would like to pass on this enthusiasm. Don't hesitate and drop by our Metro travel agency without hesitation and let us plan and realise your best time of the year. Your travel dreams will come true here.

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Andorra, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, El Salvador, France, Greece, Great Britain, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Scottland, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, Czech Republic, Türkei, Ukraine, Hungary, Cyprus
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